26973325_1Zvukoteks enterprise was created in 1964 by Belarusian Association of the Visually Impaired (Public Association OO BelTIZ).  

Our mission is to support people with visual impairment in their rehabilitation and integration into the society.

We work as one team with the visually impaired, understanding and living our colleagues’ problems. With their help we have been able to create a universal environment at our enterprise, where all workers feel secure, confident and calm. We strive to make our products as helpful as possible to the people with visual impairment in their adaptation in society.

Audio books for the blind.

For 50 years we have been successfully recording and publishing bestsellers of Russian and World literature in 7 languages.

2 studios with top-quality recording equipment, responsible professionals – sound producers, engineers, narrators and editors


Raised-dot (Braille) book publishing

26973325_1Fiction, popular science, teaching, spiritual books become available to the blind people of our country because of our work.

Modern typhlo-technical aids

Zvukoteks is the leader in sales of typhlo-technical devices in the country.

We want people with visual impairment to use best quality state of the art typhlo-technical aids from leading world manufacturers!

Media support

Tovarisch audio magazine

  • popular in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, with more than 50000 listeners.
  • The best place for Your advertisement!
  • Provides latest updates from domestic and international media sources
  • Culture and sports news
  • Information on BelTIZ and partner organizations of the CIS states.

Our internet radio station will start broadcasting soon!

Distance learning

This is a new and promising line of our work. Our learning courses in various areas of knowledge bring You HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION AT HOME!

We are proud of our work and we do it responsibly and with love!  

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